Funeral Basket Various Colours
Funeral Basket Country Style
Funeral Basket Large Various Colours
Funeral Cross Vibrant Colours
Based Cross
Based Cross Pink
Based Cross Yellow
Based Cross Blue & White
Loose Cross Pink & Green
Loose Cross White & Green
Loose Cross Peach & Bronze
Loose Cross Yellow & Green
Loose Cross Blue & White
Loose Cross Lilac & Green
Cross Jewel Colours
Based Cushion Yellow and White
Based Cushion Blue and White
Based Cushion Pink and White
Based Cushion Lilac and Purple
Based Cushion Yellow and Orange
Based Cushion Green and White
Based Cushion Red and White
Loose Cushion Lilac, Purple and White
Loose Cushion Blue and White
Loose Cushion Yellow and White
Loose Cushion Orange and Green
Loose Cushion Green and White
Loose Cushion Red and Green
Textured Cushion Pink and Green
Textured Cushion Autumnal Shades
Casket Spray of White Lilies
Casket Spray in Exotic Pink, Orange and Green
Red Rose Casket Spray
Football Shirt
Gates of Heaven
Teddy Bear
5 Point Star
Anchor Design
Small Cross Pink and White
Loose Heart
Loose Heart Cream and White
Loose Heart Red and White
Loose Heart Yellow and White
Loose Heart Blue and White
Loose Heart Purple and Blue
Loose Heart Orange and Green
Open Heart 3 colour choices
Open Heart Pink & White
Open Heart Cream & White
Open Heart 3 colour choices
Open Heart Blue and White
Open Heart Lilac and Purple
Based Heart 3 Colour Choices
Based Heart Blue and White
Based Heart Yellow and White
Based Heart 3 Colour Choices
Based Heart Pink and White
Based Heart Lilac and Purple
Luxury Textured Heart Red and Green
Loose Open Heart Peach, Orange and Green
Loose Open Heart Purple and Lilac
Loose Open Heart, Cerise, Pink and Blue
Double Open Heart Pink, Cream & White
Double Open Heart PInk and Red
Opening Swinging Heart
Solid Swinging Heart
Textured Pillow Green and White
Posy Arrangement Various Colours
Based Posy Various Colours
Contemporary Posy Cream and White
Single Ended Spray Pink and Burgundy
Yellow Gold and Cream Single Ended Spray
Single Ended Spray Vibrant Jewel Colours
3 Rose Sheaf
6 Rose Sheaf
12 Rose Sheaf
Wreath Leaf Edging Purple and White
Wreath Leaf Edging Green and White
Wreath Leaf Edging Red and Green
Wreath Leaf Edging Pink and Green
Wreath Leaf Edging Lilac and Blue
Wreath Leaf Edging Yellowand White
Wreath Leaf Edging Pink and White
Wreath Leaf EdgingOrange, Bronze and Red
Wreath Lillies White and Green
Wreath Lillies Pink and Green
Wreath Ribbon Edging Lilac and White
Wreath Ribbon Edging Green and White
Wreath Ribbon Edging Pink and Green
Wreath Ribbon Edging Yellow and White
Wreath Ribbon Edging Orange, Bronze and Red
Wreath Leaf Edging Orange and Gold
Wreath Leaf Edging Yellow and White
Wreath Leaf Edging Purple and Lilac
Wreath Leaf Edging White and Green
Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant
Vivacious Vase
Purple & White Hand Tied Bouquet
Simply Lilies
Purple & White Arrangement
Purple Haze
White Lilies & Roses Hand Tied Boiquuet
Lime Green & White Hand Tied Bouquet
White Rose Hand Tied Bouquet
A Dozen White Roses
White Rose Container Arrangement
Just Lilies Classic Bouquet
Truly, Madly, Deeply
Bright Classic Bouquet
Pure Gold
Bright Hand Tied Boquuet
Bold Classic Bouquet
Pastel Pink & White Hand Tied Bouquet
A Dozen Pink Roses
Stir Crazy
Balloon Birthday
Balloon Winnie & Friends Birthday
3D Bulldog
Spray Cerise and Purple
Spray Tropical
Thomas the Tank Engine
Rainbow Tulip Hand Tied Bouquet
Perfection Rose in a Box
Purple Passion
Single Rose Gift Set
Red & Pink Hand Tied Bouquet
Summer Dreams
Summer Madness
Sunny Afternoon
Hotter than July
Summer Garden
Rich Colours Casket Spray
Golden Casket Spray
Luxury Wreath
Cushion of Veg
Balloon Heart Shaped Foil
Country Basket
White Calla Lily Spray
Purple and White Contemporary Posy
Rose and Freesia Posy
Vibrant Posy
Rose and Orchid Posy
Classic Tied Sheaf
White Lily Tied Sheaf
Natural Tied Sheaf
Vibrant Tied Sheaf
White and Cream Single Ended Spray.
Red Single Ended Spray.
White Single Ended Spray.
Pink Single Ended Spray.
Vibrant Single Ended Spray
Orange Single Ended Spray
Lilac Double Ended Spray
Red Double Ended Spray.
Rose and Orchid Double Ended Spray
Rose and Lily Double Ended Spray
Vibrant Double Ended Spray
Pink Rose Garland
Planted Heart.
Planted Wreath.
Pastel Casket Spray.
White Calla Lily Arrangement
Traditional White Heart
White Rose Double Heart.
White Rose Wreath and Lantern.
Car Tribute
Dog Tribute
Red Rose Heart
Red Rose Heart Trio
White Rose Heart
White Heart with Bear
Calla Lily Open Heart
Soft Heart
Sunflower Wreath.
Red Wreath.
Calla Lily Wreath.
White Wreath.
Pink Wreath
Classic Wreath
Pink Calla Lily Wreath.
Pastel Wreath.
Pastel Wreath and Candle.
Vibrant Wreath.
Calla Lily Urn Crescent.
Rose Urn Wreath.
Pink Urn Wreath.
Tennis Racket Tribute
Rugby Ball
Vibrant Cross
Celtic Cross.
Vibrant Pillow.
My Blue Nose Friends Mouse
Balloon Its A Girl
Tatty Teddy 21st Birthday
Balloon Birthday Butterflies
Balloon Love You
Balloon Love Flower
Balloon Barnyard Happy Birthday
Presence of Spring
Pink Rose & White Lily Arrangement
Modern Tropical Flower Arrangement
Lilac & Lime Hand Tied Bouquet
Morgan Car
Warm Colours Hand Tied Bouquet
Perfect Purple Hand Tied Bouquet
Tatty Teddy Snowman
Pastel Rose Heart
Pink & Purple Posy
Rose & Thistle Hat Box Arrangement
Rustic Spring
Six Month Bouquet Subscription
Bouquet Gift Voucher
White Flower Basket Arrangement
Sunshine Hand Tied Bouquet
Autumnal Wedding Bouquet
Artificial Red Rose Wedding Bouquet
Based Cushion
Based Pillow
Purple and White Single Ended Spray
Pink Rose Casket Spray
Pretty Casket Spray
White Longiflorum Lily Single Ended Spray
Country Style Casket Spray
Sheffield United Badge
Romantic Reds Hand Tied Bouquet
White Double Ended Spray
Loose Solid Heart
Florist Choice Hand Tied Bouquet
Gin & Tonic & Champagne Truffles by Whitakers
Pink & White Basket Arrangement
Tatty Teddy Happy Birthday
N A N Tribute
Personalised Valentine's Bubble Balloon
Personalised Foil Heart Balloon Cluster
Balloons Column & Personalised Bubble Balloon
Full Works Valentine's Balloon Package
Secret Admirer Single Rose
Pink & Red Tulip Hand Tied Bouquet
Shades of Pink Rose Hand Tied Bouquet
Springtime Hand Tied Bouquet
Flowers in an Envelope Box
Bold Hand Tied Bouquet in a Gift Bag
Happy Easter Flower Arrangement
Sun 26th November 2023 @ 1.30pm Christmas Wreath Making Class
Sun 3rd December 2023 @ 10am Christmas Wreath Making Class
Sun 3rd December 2023 @ 1.30pm Christmas Wreath Making Class
Winter Casket Spray
Tatty Teddy Plain
Tatty Teddy Love Heart
Tatty Teddy I love You banner
Tatty Teddy Moon and Back
Floral Hat Box
Sunny Sunflowers
Rainbow Hand Tied Bouquet
Sun 26th November 2023 @ 10am Christmas Wreath Making Class
Christmas Wreath Making Kit
Caravan Tribute
Tatty Teddy Double Bears Big Hug
Tatty Teddy with a Mug Planter
Tatty Teddy The One I Love
White Rose Vintage Hand Tied Bouquet
Tatty Teddy Bee Gift Set
Tatty Teddy Girlfriend
Tatty Teddy One I Love
Barley Bear
Barley Bear Pink Heart
Barley Bear Hugs
Barley Bear Rainbow
Barley Bear Flower Pot
Mixed Freesia Hand Tied Bouquet